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2019 Commandant's USMC Birthday Ball
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Transportation / Parking
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Pentagon Parking
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Pentagon Parking and Shuttle Service

From 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m, Bus transportation will be available to/from the Pentagon and the Washington Hilton.

Pentagon Pick-Up/Drop-Off point: Bay U8
Located directly outside of Pentagon metro exit/entry

Washington Hilton Pick-Up/Drop-Off point: T Street Ballroom Entrance
Located on T Street ballroom entrance of hotel 

Parking at the Pentagon will be authorized for a limited time and requires that each vehicle obtain an event specific parking pass. This pass MUST BE VISIBLE ON DASHBOARD. All vehicles must be removed by 16:30, Sunday November 10th. 

In order to obtain parking pass please select the highlighted link below for a printable event specific parking pass. 

Parking Permit is valid for South Parking, Lanes 12-18.


Notice - Per Authenticated U.S Government Information 32 CFR Ch. I (7–1–11 Edition) 234.11 Section A outlines the Pentagon Reservation Alcohol Policy- Please refer to Section A- 2(C) for additional information. 

A) Alcoholic beverages. The consumption of alcoholic beverages or the possession of an open container of an alcoholic beverage within the Pentagon Reservation is prohibited unless authorized by the Director, Washington Headquarters Services, or his designee, the Installation Commander, or the Heads of the Military Departments, or their designees. Written notice of such authorizations shall be provided to the Pentagon Force Protection Agency.

2(C) Presence on the Pentagon Reservation when under the influence of alcohol, a drug, a controlled substance, or any combination thereof, to a degree that may endanger oneself or another person, or damage property, is prohibited.

Commandant's Birthday Ball

Commandants's Marine Corps Birthday Ball Office 

Phone: 703-614-1872

Fax: 703-693-4414


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